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actor and USA Film Festival founder L

And he was once married to wholesale cheap jerseys actress Karen Black, Hunter mother. Those are but the best known highlights.

We revisit them this morning with a heavy heart: Kit Carson died at 11:34 last night at the age of 73 after a long illness. As Austin Chronicle founder Louis Black puts it in an email this morning, of the greats has left us. Your light was and always will brighten the pathways of our future. It will never be extinguished. You did everything the way you wanted and never let anyone else do less than they were capable of doing. You mentored, taught, learned, fought, excelled as both athlete and student. I loved and loved and will love every moment we spent together. Thanks for everything. See you in the movies. call his career eclectic is understatement. The University Park born, Irving raised Carson, a product of the University of Dallas, was an actor, his filmography ranging from Sidney Lumet Running on Empty to an episode of Miami Vice in which he soared. He co wrote Jim McBride 1983 remake of Breathless starring Richard Gere, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II three years later. He served as inspiration and mentor to Roman Coppola, son of Francis and maker of the movie CQ, which was partially cribbed from David Holzman, a black and white parody of cinema verite. He was an art house hold name. She wrote and directed such films as Gas Food Lodging and Grace of My Heart, and went on to direct several episodes of Sex and the City. was later of one my advisors at the Sundance Lab and from there, a friend. He wrote some of the best pieces on pop culture in the late 60s for Eye Magazine and later Rolling Stone. So glad to have known him. Anders, Kit was life truly lived on his own terms. He gotten involved in the Deep Ellum Film Festival, the first to fete the local born great. In 1999, we spoke about why he founded the USA Film Festival with Bill Jones, the SMU film professor: because he needed a place to show his movie, simple as that. During his brief ride there, the fest was among the most influential in the country.

in 1971, the organism started in Dallas with people who were kind of interested in movies but didn know much about movies, Carson told me in 1999. were no film fests in this country devoted to the American independent film. I said, no film festival cheap jerseys for Marty Scorsese or Brian De Palma, so let start one, because this stuff is happening and no one is saying this is happening. was Carson who introduced Wes Anderson and the brothers Wilson (Owen, Luke and Andrew) to the world of filmmaking. The brothers family was close to Kit, and he and his wife, producer Cynthia Hargrave, took the Wilson boys to Sundance in 1992, where they more or less planned what became the Bottle Rocket short film.

were movie maniacs, Kit told Matt Zoller Seitz in the Dallas Observer in 1995. father [Robert Wilson] had asked me over for dinner for the express purpose of talking them out of a career in movies. I figured out pretty quick that there was no way anybody could talk them out of it.

Years later, for his book The Wes Anderson Collection, Seitz and Anderson revisited Kit influence on the making of Bottle Rocket. Here is an excerpt cheap wholesale jerseys from that Q you know who Kit Carson was as a filmmaker before you met him?

I’d sort of heard of him. I don’t remember exactly what I knew about him, but I’d heard of him. I feel like maybe he’d done a Q in Austin or something that I’d just missed. But right after I met him, there was a screening of David Holzman’s Diary at the Dallas Museum of Art, and I saw it and loved it. I thought, “This is really a good movie.”

Did Kit have any effect on you as a budding filmmaker? Were there any useful pieces of advice he gave you, any suggestions for films you should see that might prove useful?

He gave us so much advice and so much input I wholesale jerseys couldn’t even begin to know where to start. He was our guide. I don’t know if I can think of movies he turned me on to, exactly. Owen and I were both big movie watchers already. Owen was less interested in movies with subtitles. I showed him really old movies, and he showed me not quite as old movies.

Below is a video essay done in 2011 celebrating David Holzman, for which Kit will always be remembered because, thanks to its inclusion on the National Film Registry, it is immortal. Begin there. Then explore. No one ever had a career like Kit He was the last of his kind; the first too.Articles Connexes:


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