Making Referrals

APCMH Merton and Sutton accepts referrals of all persons who wish to have a befriender if the person being referred:

  • is an adult, e.g. at least 18 years or over
  • has had no recent history of addictive or violent behaviour (i.e. would not pose a risk to a befriender)
  • is living in the community, i.e. is not in hospital at the time the referral is made
  • has a mental illness, or mental health problem (i.e. is not simply lonely) but is not going through a period of severe mental instability, and is likely to benefit from befriending
  • needs a friend, rather than a home help, provider of shopping and transport services, advocate, etc.
  • is referred by a qualified person in the mental health care services, e.g. a Social Worker, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, G.P., Counsellor, or trained Care or Support Worker.

We do not accept self-referrals.  If you wish to have a befriender of the same gender please contact one of the qualified persons above, who may be able to refer you to us.

If you are considering referring a client to us, please phone or e-mail (see below). We will send you our Guide to Referrals and a Referral Form.

Making Referrals
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